21st Century Informatics:Healthcare not Global, but Local and Sensitive

Vasukumar Nair

By CR Team
Monday, June 17, 2013

Vasukumar Nair
Vasukumar Nair, Director – Marketing & Sales, 21st Century Informatics
The Indian healthcare sector is increasingly adopting interoperability and standardisation of healthcare technology, yet slow decision-making and low-budget allocation from the providers pose as the key challenges. The industry is still struggling with the lack of awareness on advantages of IT automation. Not consider IT as an enabler to improve organisational performance reflects in their IT budget allocation. In this challenging environment, 21st Century Informatics (21CI), a global healthcare informatics solutions company, is addressing these issues by providing transformative solutions that improve the availability, accessibility and affordability of healthcare services.

21CI offers innovative healthcare informatics solutions used by healthcare service providers such as hospitals, diagnostic centers and speciality clinics among others. Their innovative offerings of Healthcare Information System, Clinic Information System, Laboratory Information System, Advanced Imaging System, and Electronic Medical Records are process driven, professionally made with input from practicing clinicians and are open to make the system 'tailor-made' for different sub specialities. Today, the company serves more than 500 sites and their experience has helped them offer a global perspective to the Indian healthcare industry that is slowly opening the doors for automation. Through their constant effort, 21CI is able to convince their customers and implement internationally accepted SOPS & best practices in the areas that they automate.

"Since we serve the emerging markets, we find a mix of new technologies that are already being used or are in development. Domain oriented areas such as EMR with Clinical Decision Support Systems has satisfactorily penetrated in some countries," says Vasukumar Nair, Director-Marketing & Sales, 21st Century Informatics. 21CI is currently working on additional areas such as patient kiosks, doctor’s tablets and personalised performance dashboards for the top management for a couple of their new HIS projects.

Several Indian hospitals are gearing up to accept the reasonable value for good systems. But their experience with low quality and low-priced applications systems claiming to be HIS or HMS to earn some quick business tends to confuse them. However, 21CI thinks that the hospitals deserve better products and innovative solutions and strives to bring further innovations to their products and services to match the changing requirements of their customers. They are selective in the Indian market and make sure that the company gets into the right place, where the people value their knowledge, best practices, domain and methodologies.

Since markets are in the early stage of growth, 21CI is also actively involved in developing new products and improving the scope of their current products to empower the entire value chain of Healthcare Business Software Application IT lifecycle. 21CI looks forward to become a global leader in providing best-in-class-innovative products and solutions to their customers, developed and implemented by a team of inspired Centurions.

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